The Prototype as an Investment Tool

In the world of pitching tech investors, the truth of the matter is, we now live in a ‘show-me / don’t tell me’ world.  Investors are pitched a lot of ideas, so their attention spans are far too short anymore to read through an entire pitch deck,...
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Epic Apps’ Guide for First-Time App Creators

Is your company investing in building a mobile app for the first time? If so, you probably have a lot of questions. At Epic Apps, when we initially begin discussing app design and development with a prospective client, we always try to make sure they...
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Title III / Reg CF Crowd-Sourced Funding for Start-Ups

At Epic we have the privilege of working with primarily two types of clients:  The first type is the established, well-funded company, where we help them design and build enterprise software – primarily apps and websites – to power their existing...
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