The Need

JRF Ortho is one of the leaders in providing orthopedic surgeons with cartilage solutions to help patients regain movement and mobility with allograft joint repair. Our client needed a faster way to provide highly specific, priority graft requests between its tissue suppliers and its surgeon clients.

The Solution

By understanding the needs of JRF’s supplier technicians, Epic created an enterprise iPad application to help facilitate a better way for collecting and matching high-priority, specialty graft orders; the first of its kind in the industry! With the technician’s dashboard on their mobile application, clinicians take a step by-step approach to collect and document the exact requirements that fulfill the immediate requests of surgeons.

Key Features

  • Decision matrix for technicians to obtain critical criteria and priority levels before grafting
  • Detailed filter settings to locate highly specific surgeon requests
  • Graft ID system that pulls and sends data between JRF’s database and the front end, with application caching ability
  • CMS for user management and production session review
  • Targeted, in-app notifications for critical surgeon requests and specification requirements
  • Photo capturing with picture drawing overlay tools for markup/editing
  • Tissue defect and grading selections, along with additional free-form technician description fields