The Need

The idea for the Horse Report System (HRS) was born from a simple question – how could a busy trainer, with many horses under their care, easily communicate about a horse’s progress with a remotely-located owner? The developers of the HRS knew firsthand about the frustrations of trying to provide this information, despite the availability of cell phones and email.

The Solution

Epic worked with the client and her stakeholders to create a mobile first, web-based platform to enable her vision for a single horse ‘care team’, where all members can conveniently access in real-time the same information about each horse under their care. The solution had to work for managing multiple horses across various facets of the equestrian community — from amateur to professional and elite levels. HRS needed to provide real-time data across an entire team that often includes owners, riders, trainers, grooms and veterinarians. With a more robust picture of each horse, and a new way to communicate information to a large team, HRS is dramatically improving horse training, and simplifying the lives of everyone who cares for, and manages horses on a daily basis.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive, mobile first dashboard for the whole stable — horses, team members and activities
  • Secure, automatic communication among trainers, grooms and owners
  • Activity history tracker filtered by horse with calendar views
  • Horse record book to keep valuable horse demographics such as passport numbers, vet appointments, competition entries, etc.
  • Comprehensive reports on each horse