The Need

Tapping into the growing ‘gig econcomy’, AVLancer is the pioneer and market leader for connecting event producers/managers with the best audio visual freelance contractors in the industry. The client was quickly outgrowing their original WordPress website, and needed a more robust, and scalable platform. After discovery meetings with the client we learned more about the dynamic nature of the industry and how AVLancer was experiencing explosive growth that had already exceeded their existing website’s capabilities.

The Solution

Epic first had to customize and enhance the client’s existing WordPress website in order to allow new users and transactions to occur while Epic was simultaneously building a much more scalable and complex Ruby on Rails platform that would be the ultimate growth engine for AVLancer.

Key Features

  • Call Sheet views for both freelancers and event producers with calendar view showing hourly shift times/dates, rates, and AV requirements
  • Separate custom dashboard views for freelancers and producers with calendar views, client/contractor messaging, photo and document uploads
  • Rating/commenting system of contractors