We’ve been busy here at Epic. And as such, our blog has been a long time in coming … It has slid down the list as other projects tended to take precedence. But we’re excited to finally get it off the ground, along with lots of other fun stuff we’ve been working on!

There’s so much happening in the mobile space; it’s an exciting time to be in the industry, to watch the Information Revolution we’re in the midst of unfold. Things literally change on a weekly basis. New players jump into the mix and new technologies get created, as the old ways of doing things fall by the wayside.

The challenge for everyone, but especially businesses — from mom and pop stores to big government — is how to stay relevant. It’s a confusing time, as any monumental cultural shift tends to be. But it’s here and it’s not going anywhere. So take advantage of it, because your customers, clients and users surely are.

In this space, we will discuss the projects we’re working on, the unprecedented functionality that’s available to you, and the trends we see in mobile. But above all, we just want to share the ride with you.