Amazing focus, phenomenal results, in a timeframe that was delivered well before the timeline we all agreed on. Epic Apps comes with my highest recommendation.

Russ Elliott, Chief Operating Officer, Parelli Natural Horsemanship

The Need

Parelli is a world-renowned authority on horses, with a proven training program they have developed over the past 30 years. A leader in their space for decades, they have recently seen dozens of competitors enter their industry and put pressure on their business model.


The re-designed Parelli Savvy Club website/membership platform & the Parelli iOS and Android app.

The Solution

After an all-day session meeting with key stakeholders to flesh out requirements, Epic charted a path to create a member acquisition iOS app that highlights a dozen of the most common issues faced by horse owners, packaged in a simple and intuitive interface. For each issue, users get background information, downloadable videos – which can be viewed offline, an important requirement for people who are out in the barn or arena – and quizzes to test their knowledge and badges to keep them engaged.

After the iOS launch, Parelli quickly tasked Epic with building the Android version, which currently has a 4.6 rating on Google Play with 110 reviews and counting.

After the success of the mobile app, Parelli turned their attention to updating their websites. Epic was asked to combine Parelli’s two main websites, rebuild a number of existing platforms and features, and completely digitize their training program.

Parelli website wireframes & UI designs

Wireframes — page “blueprints” — and finished designs for those same screens for the Parelli Dashboard section of the website.

The Website: Key Features

  • “Sample the Program” module, with multiple onboarding personas to entice new users to become paid members.
  • Completely custom, re-imagined digitization of Parelli’s training program (formerly on DVDs), featuring linear and non-linear learning pathways made up of video lessons, checklists, supporting documents, tools, and badge/reward achievements.
  • Custom Forums platform, Groups platform, and Social platform — including Walls & Connections — re-creation, as well as a blogging platform, full media library, official and community events, and a master dashboard w/notifications to manage everything from one location.
  • Thousands of HD videos with closed-captioning for multiple languages, being served through a Cloud server, with the ability for users to add content to custom video/audio playlists they can create/view through the site and download through the app.
  • Fully custom Content Management System (CMS) w/multiple role types.
Wireframes & UI designs for Parelli mobile app

Wireframes — screen “blueprints” — and finished designs for those same screens on the Parelli mobile app.

The App: Key Features

  • Easy onboarding, with optional user sign-up for secondary videos, quizzes and achievement tracking.
  • Downloadable videos – available offline for use in the barn or outdoors – specific to both English and Western riding styles.
  • Achievement tracking, with badges awarded upon successful quiz completion.
  • Standard push notes to all users, a 24-hour-after-download “Welcome Message” push, and local push notes prompting users to re-engage with the app if they haven’t visited in a few weeks.
  • Fully custom Content Management System (CMS), with the ability for Parelli to update all content, videos, quizzes and badges, as well as view all of the app users and export as a .csv.