I’ll admit, we made the leap to use Epic Apps on blind faith. We simply found them on the Internet. Talk about hitting the ball out-of-the-park, the end-result of our collaboration with them was nothing short of phenomenal. Our good, solid concept quickly became an exceptional one, thanks to their involvement. This is the first-time, in the history of our company, that a 3rd-party’s active participation with us created synergy, instead of entropy. They have gone the extra-mile at every step of our collaboration and produced an app that is light-years ahead of our competition. Five stars? What the heck, we’re giving them 6!

John Smith, CEO, DestinationScapes

The Need

Originally, DestinationScapes was created as a DVD series of HD nature videos produced to offer tranquil settings that provide relaxing and restorative healing to patients in a medical setting. The founder was primarily focused on selling the DVDs, and the equipment to play them, to medical offices and hospitals that had a captive audience — patients — in need of soothing sights and sounds.

Outside of the medical channel, the client was also trying to sell DestinationScapes on Blu-Ray DVDs through his website and Amazon.com, but with little success. However, just as the world of DVDs was beginning to fade, the founder was also finding that his cost of customer acquisition in the healthcare space did not pencil out to his costs of installing cumbersome television monitors and players, with ongoing maintenance to boot. And so he pivoted.

Destinaction Scapes Overview

The Login, Home and Video Playback screens for the DestinationScapes iPad app.

The Solution

With unlimited reach, and minimal hardware costs, a mobile application for content distribution was the natural progression for DestinationScapes. Ideating with the client, Epic architected a user-friendly iPad app featuring 16 of their most popular destinations. Combining breathtaking video, audio — natural sounds, pre-recorded loops and iTunes playlists — and on-demand features, the app is a wholly immersive experience for users.

Easy onboarding and sample videos allow individuals to quickly get a taste of the destinations, with full videos available as in-app purchases. To ease the delivery of extremely large, ultra-HD videos, Epic implemented a compression algorithm that facilitated the video download process. Users can manage their videos — including different playback modes — as well as set timers for how long they would like them to play, mix in natural sounds with their favorite songs using a custom mixing board, and quickly set the app up to stream to any HDTV television using AppleTV.

Overall, the iPad app reduced our client’s set-up time and cost to onboard medical customers by more than 90%, creating a better and more continuous viewing experience for patients, while also creating an entirely new audience for his digital getaways.


Wireframes — i.e., blueprints — for the Home and Audio Mix screens, along with finished user interface (UI) designs.

Key Features

  • Easy onboarding using Facebook or e-mail
  • 10-second streaming previews, free 3-hour video sample, and a la carte downloadable videos available as in-app purchases, all hosted on AWS
  • Intuitive tapping to easily navigate in and out of videos, creating more of a “being there” feel
  • Custom mixing board, allowing users to combine natural sounds with pre-loaded tracks, as well as their iTunes playlist
  • “On-the-go” portability; no Internet access needed once videos are downloaded
  • Auto timer, with slider to set between 1 and 120 minutes of continuous play prior to shutoff
  • Custom push notes
  • Stream to an HDTV using an AppleTV device